THUNDERSHIRT ....... behavioural problems all wrapped up!




A novel solution for behavioural problems in dogs


Thundershirt is a new product to the UK which was originally devised to help solve behavioural problems in dogs in the USA. It is designed to help nervous or anxious dogs by excerting gentle and constant pressure over the body which, for many dogs, can have a dramatic calming effect. Its is a bit like a mother picking up a crying child and giving it a cuddle to calm things down and to provide reassurance. Thundershirt can provide a natural drug-free solution to many of the behavioural problems that we see in dogs today such as:

Anxiety, including seperation anxiety and damage to property

Fears & Phobias, including problems with thunder and fireworks


Problem barking

Problems travelling especially in cars


Sizing chart Using a tape measure, measure the chest size of your dog as shown in the diagram. When you have done this select the closest size thundershirt.
Fitting chart The fitting instructions to the left will give you some idea how the shirt fits and just how easy it is to put on.
All SIZES ONLY £36.00 inc VAT & Postage & Packing
ONLY £34.00 if collected from the surgery!  
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