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Developed by the late John McTimoney in the 1950s, this method of chiropractic is a gentle whole body approach to help improve the animal’s skeletal alignment; this can then help increase mobility, relieve pain and ease discomfort.

What Can I expect from my first session?

A detailed case history will be taken, the animal will then be assessed on conformation and movement. A referral from the animal’s primary vet will be sought, this is so that the practitioner and vet can work together to improve the animal’s health.

Serena our Chiropractor

DOGS-chiropractic can help with:

Changes in behaviour
Stiffness after exercise
Changes in gait, limping
Lameness after accidents
Crying out when getting up

Tina with an equine patient

HORSES-chiropractic can help with:

Changes in gait
Changes in behaviour
Changes in performance
Uneven shoe wear
Uneven muscle development
Stiffness on one rein, reluctance to canter



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