BIOZEAR ear powder (for external use)




The Holistic Veterinary Medicine Centre


This is our own modified version of an old fashioned ear treatment called "Thornit" powder, a dry, slightly pungent powder for external use in dealing with ear problems, particularly ear infections. It also doubles up as a wound powder for use topically on the skin and on the undersides of the feet.

Biozear is composed of Calendula powder, Iodoform powder, Zinc oxide and Boric acid in a specific combination.

Instructions for use

The powder is for external use only, usually in conjuction with cleaning the affected ear. For cleaning we either recommend using Calendula infused oil or a proprietary product called Cerusolve. Each day the affected ears are cleaned first and then a little later in the day, a pinch of the powder is introduced into the ear and gently massaged into the ear canal and around the ear flap. This continues on a daily basis until the problem resolves.

For severe or very chronic ear problems we often use homeopathic remedies alongside cleaning and Biozear. Since homeopathic medicine is prescribed on a very individual basis, we cannot offer advice over the phone, however you are welcome to make an appointment to come and see us!

Not to be used in animals with a known sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Cost: 20g of BIOZEAR is £8.00 + P&P. A little will go a long way!

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