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The Holistic Veterinary Medicine Centre

The Holistic Veterinary Medicine Centre was established in 1995 and employs two holistic veterinary surgeons working in close association with Serena Ridley, a chiropractor experienced with treating horses, dogs and cats.

We offer consultations at the surgery for a variety of natural therapies including homeopathy, herbal medicine and acupuncture. We routinely treat dogs, cats and horses but also have considerable experience with cattle, sheep, goats and rabbits. Most of the small animal work we do is at the surgery in East Hoathly and at Grove Lodge in Preston Drove, Brighton. For horses and farm animals we are happy to visit within a radius of 60 miles from the surgery.

We are happy to do house calls within a reasonable distance of the surgery for any animal. Telephone consultations are available if you do not have easy access to a holistic vet, live abroad or are disabled and unable to travel.

All consultations are carried out in liaison with your own vet and with access to any clincal notes and other relevant information such as X-ray results and the results of any laboratory investigations.

Areas of special expertise within the practice include:

Tim Couzens - the Homeopathic treatment of Horses

Peter Gregory - Classical, Consitutional based Homeopathy

Serena Ridley - Soft Tissue Manipulation

Pippa Cossens - Osteopathy


Classical Homeopathy

Complex Homeopathy

Herbal medicine - Phytotherapy

Traditional Needle Acupuncture

Lazer Acupuncture


Bush & Bach Flower Essences

Nutraceutical Medicine

Advice on Conventional and Natural Feeding

Chiropractic Manipulation


For more information email us at: admin@hvmc.info